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LED lights / Emergency warning Lights are an integral part of first response vehicles. From the blue and red LED lights in police cruisers to amber lights used in utility vehicles, these lights are essential for alerting other motorists and passersby. With that in mind a number of standards have been developed to rate the requirements of an emergency light modules or light assemblies, to ensure optimum visibility in various conditions. For example SAE J845 specifies minimum standards for emergency warning lights, which are further classified into three classes: 
SAE Class 1 Warning Lights have a candela value greater than 8100, with some reaching close to 18,000 cd-s/m, 
SAE Class 2 Warning Lights Candela values in this class range from 1981 cd to 8099 cd-s/m,
SAE Class 3 Warning Lights have the lowest light intensity of the three SAE classes are typically used inside of buildings where there is little or no ambient sunlight.
California Title XIII is a regulation set forth by the California code of regulations for vehicle warnings and are pretty tough specifications for light intensity. However, the assembly can be certified as meeting different light intensity standards e.g. table 2 requires a 12,500 candela intensity where as a table 4 requires only 125 candela. D&R Electronics Co. Ltd. manufactures a range of LED lights for various applications, meeting standards as required.

Our collection of LED/Amber lights


Genesis SYNC LED lights: SAE Class 1 certified and IP67 rated modules are Gasket-sealed and waterproof, these LED lights are perfect for external mounting applications. Available in red, blue, green, white and amber lights. Or dual / triple color modules. And multiple lights. 
Genesis LED lights: SAE Class 1 certified and IP67 rated modules are also designed for rugged, external use, it features built-in flash patterns. These lights are available in 12 and 24V configurations.
MS6 SYNC Led lighting: SAE Class 1 certified and IP67 rated modules are available in two body types for surface mount and flush mount. Perfect for providing directional warning. 
SL12IL-X Headlight inserts: Meets SAE J1113-41 Class 5 standards and IP67 rated, also these lights have virtually no RFI / EMI during operation, encapsulated for preventing moisture and feature over 30 flash patterns.
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