Genesis LED Lights

  • Our compact modules provide great versatility for a wide range of mounting
  • All modules are gasket sealed, waterproof for external mounting applications
  • Multiple flash patterns built-in
  • Synchronous or alternate operation
  • Genesis Modules:
    GT2D12-X Deck mount module
    GT2S12-X Surface mount module
    GT2F12-X Flush mount module
  • Available in 12V and 24V
  • Available colors: Red, Blue, Clear, Amber
           Dual colors: Red/Blue, Red/Clear, Blue/Clear

Genesis LED lights have found a prominent place in the world of sports, illuminating stadiums and arenas with their brilliance and efficiency. From the electrifying atmosphere of football matches to the fast-paced action of basketball games, Genesis LED lights play a crucial role in enhancing visibility and creating an immersive experience for both athletes and spectators alike, more about which you can read at In the realm of outdoor sports, Genesis LED lights are often installed in stadiums to illuminate the playing field with bright, uniform lighting. Whether it's soccer, rugby, or American football, these lights ensure optimal visibility for players, enabling them to perform at their best regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Moreover, the energy-efficient nature of LED technology helps sports facilities reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs, making it a sustainable choice for stadium lighting.

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