• Organizes vehicle wiring runs
  • All power connections at one central location
  • Easy installation
  • Easy connection of accessory equipment
  • PDU14-K enclosure dimensions:
    Width - 9.45" / Depth - 5.25" / Height - 1.36"
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Technical specifications

Power Input
1-6 AWG +12V / 1-6 AWG Ground / 1-18 AWG Ignition Control Input
Power Output
1-10 AWG @ 20A Max +12V (fused at 30A) / 1-10 AWG Ground
Terminal Block Power Outputs
7 Ignition controlled Power 40A relay (all combined output power not exceed 30A max)
Terminal Block Power Outputs
7 Continuous Power: total current not to exceed 40A
Terminal Block Power Outputs
6 Ground return path for the Output terminal blocks the total reuturn current not exceed 40A

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