Genesis SYNC LED Lights

  • Our compact modules provide great versatility for a wide range of mounting
  • All modules are gasket sealed, waterproof for external mounting applications
  • Multiple flash patterns built-in
  • Genesis Modules:
    GS12D-X-F Deck mount module Flashing module
    GS12S-X-F Surface mount Flashing module
    GS12F-X-F Flush mount Flashing module
  • Available in 12V
  • Available colors: Red, Blue, Clear, Amber, Green
           Dual colors: Red/Blue, Red/Clear, Blue/Clear
Supporting Files
Video Files
Animated File
Double-BurstDouble-FlashDouble-Flash SlowMulti-FlashProgressiveQuad-FlashSingle-FlashSingle-Flash-60FPMSingle-Flash-90FPMSingle-Flash-120FPMSingle-Flash-300FPMSlow-Fast-1Slow-Fast-2Strobe-FlashStrobe-Flash-SlowTriple-BurstTriple-Flash-Slow
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