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Product Spotlight: PDU-16SS Vehicle Power Distribution Unit

July 24, 2020

D&R Electronics Designs manufactures and installs creative fleet solutions for emergency and public work vehicles. Vehicle power distribution units are designed and manufactured by D&R and are especially important as they have a programmable intuitive power management system to ensure the audio (sirens) and visual (Flashing Lights) power requirements of emergency or public utility vehicles are met.


The PDU-16SS single point power distribution and voltage monitoring system allows you to streamline cable management while also protecting your vehicle’s battery. It is housed in a durable metal chassis that comes with a Plexiglas cover to keep out dirt and debris and is also built with solid state electronic components.


This state of the art vehicle power distribution unit is available in three models, which are the PDU-6SS with 6 outputs, PDU-16SS with 16 outputs, and PDU-31SS with 31 outputs. The various outputs help meet the unique requirements needed for different applications.


The four character LED display provides battery voltage monitoring. It also provides a timer countdown during timed or low voltage programmed shutdown. Each connected and operational output is indicated by a solid on-LED, making it easy to identify outputs that are not working.


How it works


The PDU-16SS vehicle power distribution unit divides the accessories into three groups: battery, output group one, and output group two. Group one has six, 15 Amp-maximum outputs, and one 30 Amp-maximum output. Group two has seven, 15 Amps-maximum outputs, with a total collective maximum output of 80 amps.


Each output group has its own programmable shutdown timer. Shutdown is activated when the ignition is turned off, while each group continues to function till its respective programmed timer has expired.


Once both output groups are shut down the system is preprogrammed to go into zero consumption standby mode after a 5 minute delay.


The system automatically wakes-up when the ignition is turned on. Changes in ignition status (On/Off) will reset the Shutdown timer for both output groups to its programmed value.


A specially designed innovative feature to avoid dead batteries is incorporated into this system, enabling output group 1 and group 2 to be pre-programmed respectively with their own independent low voltage shutdown threshold, leaving enough power in the battery to turn the car on again.




The dimensions of the PDU-16SS are L-10.55" X W-4.26" X H-1.1”. The vehicle power distribution unit provides features such as vehicle battery voltage monitoring, programmable low battery voltage shutdown and timed shutdowns for each group, and zero power consumption while in standby mode. It also features a 20 second test mode and a reset mode.


D&R Electronics Co Ltd. was established in 1976 and is a Canadian manufacturing and solution provider meeting the needs of First Responders and the Public Utilities Sector. Whether it is power distribution units, consoles or light and siren control systems, we aim to provide personalized solutions using cutting edge electronic, mechanical and 3D printed plastic technology. Contact us today to learn more.


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