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PDU-2SS Power Distribution and voltage monitoring system by D&R Electronics Co. Ltd.

October 20, 2020

With four and a half decades of experience in fleet solutions D&R Electronics Co Ltd. has been on the fore front of creative solutions for first responder fleets. Within this product portfolio D&R Electronics Co. Ltd also features a unique range of power distribution and voltage monitoring systems, with number of outputs ranging from two outputs (in the newly designed PDU-2SS-12 (12 Volts version) or PDU-2SS-24 (24 Volts version) to its full featured 6, 8,16, or 31 output predecessors.


The PDU-2SS is the solution to avoid a dead battery by monitoring the vehicles battery voltage and taking necessary measures to shutdown outputs based on low voltage parameters thus protecting the vehicles battery. PDU2SS offers a variety of features discussed below



This vehicle power distribution unit is built sturdy with solid state components for reliability. The device is water-proof and with a dimensions of L 4.4” x W 2.5” x H 0.7”. The two versions of PDU 2SS permits its usage on either 12 or 24 volts input.


Power consumption, distribution and low voltage /Timed shutdown

In shut down mode, the PDU-2SS consumes zero voltage, In standby mode the consumption is a mere 25ma. The PDU-2SS distributes 40A on 1 output group and 20A on the second output group.


Each output group can be individually programmed for timed shutdown on ignition off. A four position dip switch permits the end user to set up the output shutdown timer threshold.  A combination of 2 positions on the dip switch can set the timed shut down threshold to 2, 5, 10 or 20 minutes


Additional features

A battery sensor on the PDU 2SS monitors the vehicle battery, the low battery voltage protection shuts down the 2 outputs preventing further battery drain hence avoiding a dead battery. The set factory default parameter for low voltage shutdown is set at 11.2 volts however it can be factory set anywhere between 10 volts to 13 volts according to situational requirements. 


This feature packed power distribution and voltage monitoring system provides secure power management and is easy to install. Visit Us at or join us on social media.

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