• PDU-2SS-12 is a single point power distribution system with with output 1 at a maximum  load capacity of 40 Amps  and output 2 with maximum load capacity of 20 Amps.
  • Available in 12V (PDU-2SS-12) or 24V (PDU-2SS-24) options
  • Built with all solid state components for reliability
  • Outputs are divided into two groups
  • Each group is individually programmed for time shutdown, after ignition is turned off
  • Four position dip switch allows the end user to set up the threshold time for each individual group 
  • Voltage monitoring sensor to protect the battery
  • Dimensions: L-4.4" x W-2.5" x H-0.7"
  • Vehicle battery voltage monitorin
  • Low  battery voltage shutdown  prevents a dead battery, Factory default parameter is set at 11.5V DC (10 Second Delay) or can be factory set between (10 V  DC to 13 V DC)  based on Clients requirements.
  • High Voltage Disconnect at approximately 18V  (10 Second Delay)
  • See Specs Sheet  for more 
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