IQ Elite Pro


IQ Elite Pro

* High Performance Class D amplifier module.

* CAN Bus Communications

* Vehicle to Vehicle  Light and Siren Synchronization.

* Program and control all features of your vehicle: lights, sirens,  traffic director, Message boards.

* Easy to use configuration software.

*  All outputs have short circuit,, reversed polarity and
   over-current protection.

* Supports up to 32 environment sensors.

* 12 fully programmable digital inputs (+12VDC or GND)

* 2 fully programmable Analog inputs

* Integrated battery voltage monitor

* Programmable for hands-free operation

* 21 Outputs max 12 Amps programmable from 1 to 100% power outputs.

* Supports unlimited expander modules, each module has 10 outputs. each line can control up to 255 level of intensity on 3 lights. Individual light control.

* Any Output can be programmed for Traffic Director control

* Any Output can be Programmed to be controlled by more than one button, Input or Temperature sensor using an intuitive function priority.

* Choice of 7 Control Heads—Control Head Keys are Full Color RGB Backlit, different colors possible for backlight, Key Press, and sequential keys.

* 255 Level Dimmer Control for push button or backlight on all keys

* Each button or input can be programmed to be ON/OFF, Momentary, Cycle, Timer Trigger, Double Click Short and  Long Click.

* Built-in shut down to be able to operate the system for up to 13 hours after vehicle is turned OFF .

* Zero stand-by current consumption after timed shut down.

* System level programmable Low Voltage Disconnect.

* Programmable voltage threshold activation button group .

* Programmable button group voltage threshold activation

* Standard siren tones (WAIL, YELP, STINGER, HI-LO, AIR    HORN) and INTER-CLEAR (multi-tone) can also accept WAV or MP3 Files .

* Air Horn momentary push button overrides all other siren tones.

* All control outputs are solid state outputs.

* 2 line color very low consumption OLED status display on certain touch pad.

* All outputs have diagnostic indicator LEDs for quick   troubleshooting

* Any switch programmable for SHOTGUN timed out release 

* All programs may be modified and stored for ease of service,   with a simple export/ import process

* Custom labels, easy to replace w/spill proof membrane

* Digital Microphone with Crystal Clear sound with AGC

* Radio rebroadcast function

* Built-in and programmable flash-patterns

* Built-in  beep alert, adjustable via software

* Meets and exceeds all applicable SAE, California Title XIII, NFPA requirements with select D&R speakers, control and light heads

* Five Year Warranty


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