• ES6201-IQ siren uses microprocessor based technology to provide a compact electronic siren system for use in emergency vehicles
  • Ideal choice for undercover applications-small compact control head and 18' long harness provide the installation flexibility for such applications
  • Siren Mode - two available siren tones: Wail and Yelp
  • Siren tones can be selected using the toggle switch from the remote controller
    - switch UP for Wail tone
    - switch DOWN for Yelp tone
  • Manual Mode - Air Horn
    It is momentary mode activated by holding down the Air Horn switch on the siren's remote controller
    Note: Manual mode will override the Siren mode
    Park Kill Mode - This is activated by providing a connection from the park position switch in the vehicle to the park kill input, this will automatically interrupt the siren tones if they are engaged, this input is GND activated.
  • Optional Features: Allows messages to be broadcasted over the siren speaker. The P.A. function will override all other functions when accessed using microphone.
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Technical specifications

Input Voltage
11-16 Volts DC
Input Fuse
20 Amp (External)
Power circuit built-in protection
Short circuit and reversed polarity
Operating Temperature Ranges
-30°C to +65°C
Standby Current
50mA +10% during Ignition input OFF time-out 0mA after time-outSIREN
Operating Current
10 Amps
Frequency Range
700 to 1640 Hz (nominal)
Cycle Rate
Audio Power
Amplifier Output Impedance
11 Ohms

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