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14 of October, 2022
Why LED Traffic Lights Are Replacing Incandescent Traffic Lights?
Why LED Traffic Lights Are Replacing Incandescent Traffic Lights?

With an increasing demand for better road safety management, the installation of traffic arrows, signals, and signages is on the rise. Primarily using LED lights, these traffic control equipment are becoming more and more common. However, many cities still use older, incandescent traffic lights. In this blog post, the benefits of LED lights and the need to switch to this technology for all traffic signals will be examined. 


LED lights versus incandescent traffic lights.


Cost And Energy Savings

Although the up-front cost of LED traffic lights is often higher than that of traditional incandescent traffic lights, they offer significant energy and cost savings over their lifetime. This is because LEDs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs, They also last much longer than incandescent bulbs. This means that over time, the total cost of operating LED traffic lights is significantly lower than for traditional incandescent traffic lights.


No Need To Filter The Light

The traditional lights, apart from not being energy efficient, also required a unique lens to disperse the appropriate colour. For instance, a red traffic light has a red lens to filter the light from the bulb. However, with LED traffic lights, there is no need for such lens installation. These lights can be programmed to reflect the actual colour. Moreover, it is also brighter and more evenly distributed, ensuring better visibility for motorists.


Fewer Breakdowns And Outages

Lastly, incandescent bulbs are also known to fail from time to time due to their significant energy consumption. This leads to more signal outages, causing utility as well as safety problems. With LED lights, however, these troubles can be eliminated. Owing to their simple operating mechanism, the outages are rare, which is also an added economic advantage in the long run. 


Therefore, due to these 3 benefits, LED traffic lights are taking over their traditional counterpart in many parts of the world. 


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