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Upfitting Ford Transit 250 Cargo Van for use as an Air Quality Test Vehicle

December 23, 2022

D&R Electronics Co. Ltd., a pioneer in innovating and designing and installing electronics, mechanical, and 3D printed plastics fleet solutions since 1976, upfitted this Ford Transit 250 Cargo Van to function as an environment/air quality test and data gathering vehicle. Here are some details on the modifications.


Features Of Upfitted Ford Transit 250 Cargo Van


Battery System

The battery system is powered and recharged by an independent secondary 280 Amp Alternator. The vehicle is fitted with a Xantrex lithium-ion battery bank.  With a capacity of 930 amp hours, The Xantrex Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery uses safety-certified cells. Equipped with redundant safety features, the Xantrex lithium battery is the safest in the market today. Specifically designed to withstand the harsh operating environments of mobile and marine applications, the Xantrex lithium battery lasts up to 6,000 cycles compared to a traditional lead acid or AGM battery, which typically lasts 400–500 cycles. The Xantrex Lithium Battery offers exceptional power density and also includes integrated heating blankets for installations in cold environments outside the main cabin. With the Bluetooth connection enabled, gathering real-time data from the battery is incredibly simple and always accurate. Optional remote State-Of-Charge display allows quick review of the state of the battery. Internal integration with the vehicle allows alternator control. RV-C communications are available for status and system integration.



The DC power from the battery is passed through two Xantrex Freedom SW3000 Inverters with a total capacity of 6000 watts.


AC Distribution Panel

The Inverted AC power is patched to a distribution panel (Inspected by ESA) meeting ESA Standards. The distribution panel powers 4 x 20 Amp circuits.


Rear Drawers

D&R Electronics Co. Ltd. designed deep pull-out drawers for maximum storage. The drawers are designed to fit within the vehicle contours and can be customized by repositioning the separators to suit various applications.

In-Vehicle Mobile Work Station

The vehicle features a D&R Electronics Co. Ltd custom-engineered in-vehicle mobile workstation with drawers and a 20 amp GFCI AC power outlet to power all desktop computers and their peripherals.

Rack System

To analyze and process the collected data, a dual 21U rack system with cooling fans and exhaust vents provide rack-mount equipment and rack-mount server space while dissipating the equipment heat and hence controlling the van’s internal temperature.

Light and Siren Control

D&R Electronics Co. Ltd. designed and manufactured IQ light and siren control system, giving the user programmable diversity and complete control over the vehicle's perimeter lights, light bars, sirens and all other inputs and outputs through one touchpad.

Tablet Mount

The pedestal-mount tablet is full-featured with height, tilt and dual 360 swivel adjustments and can accommodate all D&R-designed and manufactured laptop or tablet trays

Rear Exterior

The rear exterior showcases GT2-8 Genesis traffic directors and flashing tail light inserts as well as a removable wind turbine.

Front Exterior

Right beneath the front headlights, two SL 12 IL-A-N amber light inserts have been added. Also, two Genesis sync 12 LED amber flashing grill lights have been added to sync with the SL 12 IL-A-N lights.

Exterior Left

The left side of the vehicle also features a Shore power outlet in the rear-end panel with a capacity of 30 A and 120 V. On the top middle side, heat-dissipating vents have been added to counteract the excessive heat produced by the electronics inside the vehicle.

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