• Large format drawer with dividers
  • Ideal for long, wide and small items
  • Available in different sizes:
             TS-01-26 (Width-48", Height-12", Depth-28.75")
             TS-01-34S (Width-45", Height-12", Depth-36.75")
             TS-01-034 (Width-48", Height-12", Depth-36.75)
             TS-01-42 (Width-48", Height-12",Depth-44.75")
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Technical specifications

Maximize and organize space while protecting your valuables with D&R storage drawers
Lightweight aluminum welded construction to reduce vehicle load
Finished in a hard black epoxy paint
Tie-down points around top of cabinet for securing extra load
Dividers and partitions allow easy re-configuration of compartments

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