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The Unique Feature of D&R’s SUV Cargo Organizer Drawer

March 29, 2018

Stay prepared at all times by keeping your essential gear organized, secured, and ready to go when you are in the field with an SUV cargo organizer drawer. Today, modern cargo organizers are designed to provide a sophisticated storage system.


The major challenge that often complicates an SUV cargo organizer drawer is access to the spare tire.


Able to design and manufacture very effective storage solutions, D&R Truck-Stor can install customized compartment for any service SUVs. From simple equipment boxes to complex and multi-drawer storage systems, we provide custom solutions. An SUV cargo organizer drawer can help many professionals efficiently organize and utilize their cargo space. It will safely lock and mount electronic equipment as well as prevent loose gear from damaging other equipment or the vehicle.


We can also install and customize a cabinet sub-frame. This secures the unit to the vehicle with the mounting points in the cargo area. it raises the drawer above the trim line, thus preventing any damage to the vehicle.


Our SUV cargo organizer drawer is made using lightweight aluminum and all units are steel reinforced for added strength and durability. Opening and closing the drawer will not be a problem with heavy-duty ball-bearing slides. Additionally, the incremental lockout feature ensures ease when parked, either on a grade or a hill, allowing access to the drawer while keeping it from sliding out the full way. It will instead lock out once the handle is released.


We offer more than 350 different solutions designed for both electronic and heavy duty gear storage, helping you keep it all in an organized and efficient manner. Along with our SUV cargo organizer drawer, we can provide storage solutions for sedan trunks and pickup beds tailored fit to your specific application.


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