TC-12 Arrowboards

TC-12 arrow boards are special traffic directors designed and manufactured by D&R Electronics Co. Ltd. They are primarily designed for Municipalities and Public works departments meeting stringent quality and specified standards requirements and high visibility to alert other motorists of lane closures due to work operations and consequently divert traffic in a safe manner. The arrow boards are compliant with the TC-12 standards set out in the Ministry Of Transportation Ontario Traffic Manual- Book 7, which will be addressed in detail below.




When are TC-12 arrow boards used?


There are 4 primary modes of operation: single arrow mode (right or left), indicating drivers are to take a right/left turn for stationary operations or to keep right/left for mobile operations, both arrow modes which direct traffic in either left or right and lastly, bar mode, which is used in a shoulder of a highway or closed lane to indicate the presence of a utility vehicle or work area.

The TC-12 standards also dictate when not to use the aforementioned arrow mode: if there is a traffic control person present, as it may reduce their visibility to other motorists, if there is a traffic control signal, be it portable or stationary, and more. Similarly, there are special conditions for two-lane and multi-lane highways wherein the TC-12 arrow boards are to be used differently for stationary and mobile operations respectively. For instance, on a two-lane highway, the TC-12 arrow boards must operate in-bar mode only, be it for stationary or mobile operations, as diverting traffic on a freeway without medians is hazardous.


Visibility criteria for TC-12 arrow boards


Similarly, there are visibility criteria. For example, if a vehicle is approaching the sign at 90kms/hr, then the flashing lights of the arrow boards must be visible at 900 meters and the bar or arrow must be clear at about 350 meters. The rules for sign panels and lighting are also closely related to visibility. For example, the panel should have orange, intense, reflective sheeting in the background to account for power failure. Similarly, the amber lights themselves should flash in a sequential pattern to grab maximum attention. At night, the brightness of the light should be reduced, and the lights should flash at least 40 to 50 times per minute. Lastly, the arrow boards must also be designed to be crashworthy, that is, no elements of the lights should break, detach or penetrate a vehicle during a collision. 


As is evident, this is a comprehensive list of criteria decided by the government to maximize the visibility and safety of the utility crew as well as other motorists on the road. Hence, it's vital for TC-12 arrow boards to be made according to these standards so they can be legally installed and operated on the road.


At present, D&R Electronics Co. Ltd. offers 6 TC-12 arrow boards with varying features. Here is a detailed look at their features:


AB306015 / AB253513 / AB2101-K/ AB2102-K


- These arrow boards are made of aluminum, making them durable and lightweight. All products are compliant with the TC-12 standards stated in the MTO’s Ontario Traffic Manual - Book 7. 
- The TC-12 arrow boards are uniformly powder coated, making them more durable than conventional paint.
- Equipped with auto dimmer options to ensure maximum visibility in all weather conditions.
- Rubber grommet further protects the delicate electronics and makes the TC-12 arrow boards resistant to all types of inclement weather, including strong winds and rain.




- This TC-12 arrow board is moisture-proofed during the manufacturing process, ensuring maximum protection from rain or snow.
- Comprises eight D&R PAR36-40A Sealed Light Modules. Each module, in turn, has 40 amber LED lights.
- Made of lightweight aluminum with powder coating on all sides for rugged use.
- Various mounting configurations such as vehicle mount or trailer mount.


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