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Project Up-fit: Up-fitting an All-terrain Vehicle As an Emergency / First Response Vehicle

October 31, 2023
Project Up-fit: Up-fitting an All-terrain Vehicle As an Emergency / First Response Vehicle

Law enforcement departments across the world employ numerous vehicles and accessories such as LED beacons, police sirens and more to better perform their tasks on the field. Apart from commonly used police cruisers and vans, based on the topography of the department’s jurisdiction other efficient forms of transportation are assigned to the departments like boats, helicopters and all-terrain vehicles or ATVs to improve enforcement and patrolling. This is especially true for police precincts in Canada. In this blog, D&R Electronics Co. Ltd., a pioneer in designing electronic, mechanical or even additive manufacturing solutions for emergency fleets, lists out the necessity of employing ATVs in remote regions of Canada and how the company has upfitted the 2024 Can-Am Defender with emergency lights, perimeter lights and flood lights.


The Purpose of All-terrain Vehicles


What is the need for ATVs in Canada?


Remote sections of Canada provide picturesque topography. However, the terrain holds its own treacherous challenges, making it an absolute necessity to have superior traction, torque, horse power, shock absorbers and ground clearance to transverse the topography and enhance maneuverability of the all-terrain vehicles:


- Mountains, wooded areas or even dirt tracks and fields limit the functions of police cruisers as most are built for paved roads or minor off road conditions and hence would limit accessibility and maneuverability of the vehicle.


- The tough and versatile all-terrain vehicles, on the other hand, are designed for unpaved conditions and are built lighter, and equipped with relevance to off road conditions. It is also cost-effective to roll out in a plethora of missions both tactical or search and rescue.


Up-fitting The Can-Am Defender


The 2024 Can-Am Defender is the latest class of ATVs which is known for its amazing torque and a quieter engine. This vehicle can easily traverse challenging terrain due to its robust front and rear differential. It is also equipped to tow up to 2500 lbs. D&R Electronics Company. Ltd. has upfitted it with emergency lights, sirens and a light and siren control system. An additional overhead front flood light with modules meeting SAE Class I standards increases visibility for the driver or occupant of the vehicle in dark off road conditions.


The vehicle was also up-fitted with flashing emergency perimeter lights on the side and the rear of the vehicle to make it prominent in any condition. The red and blue lights symbolizes law enforcement. 


To know more about the project or any of our LED lights and other accessories, contact us at D&R Electronics Co. Ltd. today. We are a pioneer in constant technological innovation with over 40+ years of enriched experience and knowledge in police and public utility fleet solutions in Canada and around the globe. Our product range features LED beacons, police sirens, K9 units, phone cases and mounts, traffic arrows and more.

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