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Police Vehicle Equipment

July 25, 2012

Most of the police vehicle equipment is not always found fitted in a brand new police special vehicle. Police departments usually have different policies and needs and would therefore prefer to install most of the equipment themselves. The first equipment that is a must have in every police car is the siren. The sound it produces comes from a fun which pushes air in a small drum through holes which are specially shaped. The sound which results from this is extremely loud. Modern sirens can change the type of siren and might come with a removable microphone.
A swivel mount is also available in a police vehicle in place of an arm rest. This is where the police place their laptop computers which help them in their job. They can record witness statements, do their paper work and even upload photos taken from a crime scene. They can check the police database for a person's criminal record or records of stolen vehicles among other things.
A run lock ignition allows an engine to run while there is no key in the ignition. This is due to the nature of the police work. They might be at a crime scene and will have to live the car running while the battery is not being drained by the lights and the radio. Any other person cannot drive away the vehicle at this point since the engine will switch off with the help of the run lock system.
Police vehicle equipment which is noticeable is the light bar which is found on the roof. These cars are specially designed such that the roof is reinforced to hold the lights. They come in colours of white, red and blue which spin in a certain unique sequence. The interior light changes from white to red. This is because red colour does not affect the vision of the driver at night.

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