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Perimeter Lighting for the Ford Interceptor Utility 2020

July 30, 2020

Perimeter lighting, also known as warning lights, are crucial for use in first responder vehicles. They not only protects the first responder but also others in the area. Quality products meeting or exceeding industry standard significantly impact fleet efficiency, productivity, performance and up-fitting investments. D&R Electronics has 40+ years of rich experience leaning from its global market, designing, manufacturing, and installing first responder and public works fleet solutions with an effort to optimizing performance, durability and design to enhance lighting options and control.


D&R has developed a variety of products tailored for the Ford Interceptor Utility 2020, the latest in police vehicle innovations. Our perimeter lightning/warning light products for the Ford Interceptor Utility 2020 are designed to provide functionality and ease of installation.


Highlighted below are two lightning products designed explicitly for the Ford 2020 Police Interceptor Utility:


GSVL-IC-EXP20 Interior Lightbar

The GSVL-IC-EXP20 is a windshield visor interior lightbar. It comes with independent controls, giving the officer full control over the lighting system. It features split red / blue super bright LEDs, boasting high visibility when activated, though it is otherwise extremely discreet, non-intrusive, lightweight and low profile lighting system designed to fit the interior of the vehicle with almost no obstruction to the drivers field of vision or flashback distractions from the Flashing lights. You can view the installation manual and technical drawings here.


GT2FTL-PIC-EXP20 Exterior Lightbar

Like the above product, this exterior light bar is also tailored for the Ford Interceptor Utility 2020, with single or dual color modules and five led light color options provides more options and functions (e.g. Traffic Director) in the light bar to the first responder vehicle. With GT2FTL-PIC-EXP20 Exterior Light bar it is possible to toggle multiple flash patterns. And rates at 100,000 hours of operation.


Both of the above solutions can be purchased with Single or Dual color LED modules and have five LED light color options: amber, blue, clear, red and green.


We also have a host of other lighting products meeting required standards for different vehicles, including ambulances, fire trucks, and public works vehicles. Check out our website today to learn more about our products!

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