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Here’s How DeX And Dovetail Technology Transformed SBPD’s Operations

December 09, 2022

The Santa Barbara Police Department (SBPD) employs more than 140 personnel, of which 80 perform routine patrols, 20 are employed in an investigative capacity and the rest are assigned for special operations. The SBPD also has 30 marked police cruisers, as well as several unmarked vehicles. Covering an area of 42 square miles, the department needed an efficient way to relay and receive crucial, on-field information with the help of the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones. Here’s how Samsung DeX and D&R Electronics Co. Ltd’s very own Dovetail technology helped them achieve just that.

Advantages of using Samsung DeX and Dovetail


The Ideal Scenario

The experienced network administrator of the SBPD, initially planned to pair the Samsung Galaxy smartphones with the DeX technology to completely eliminate the need for expensive computers in their patrol cars. The smartphones had shown great promise by integrating with body-worn cameras, allowing the officers to access the cam footage at a moment’s notice.
The idea was to use Samsung DeX to turn smartphones into portable desktops with the help of Dovetail rugged cases and a dedicated docking station. However, there was a technological challenge. The legacy Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system used by the department only worked efficiently in the desktop version, and its mobile interface is rather limited. Furthermore, enabling a virtual desktop version was also turning out to be expensive and time-consuming.

The Hybrid Solution

To address this complexity, the SBPD decided to create a hybrid system, wherein the Samsung DeX and Dovetail setup will be installed in the front of the patrol car. To facilitate the CAD system, an industrial-grade PC was installed in the trunk of the car. In this manner, officers can toggle between the two systems with ease. However, the ultimate goal is to remove the PCs altogether and completely switch to DeX technology.

Technical Specifications

Addressing the specification of the DeX setup, all Galaxy smartphones are paired with Dovetail rugged case and D&R Electronics Co. Ltd’s docking station. The patrol car has a monitor with a 12.5 inch HD display that has a DeX hub, as well as an HDMI and USB-C type input. Complementing the monitor is a rugged TG3 keyboard that is splash proof and backlit.

Dovetail Mobile Computing Solutions

Here is a closer look at the Dovetail phone cases and docks used by the SBPD:
Dovetail - Phone Cases
●      Rugged phone cases that can be taken on the go and easily attached to the docking station
●      Features 5 models: DTC-N9, DTC-S9, DTC-S10, DTC-S10+ and DTC-N10+
Dovetail- Docks
●      Docks are customized to suit the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones
●      Provides fast charging to the smartphones in the cruiser
●      Available in 2 models- DTC 20 and DTC 21

The Bottom line

With the aid of DeX and Dovetail mobile computing solutions, the SBPD is all geared to improve its on-field efficiency by facilitating an easy exchange of information. By fully integrating DeX technology with patrol cars, the department will also save a lot of capital, as attested by the intermediate hybrid solution, which has already saved thousands of dollars per car.
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