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28 of July, 2022
Debunking 5 Myths About LED Lights
Debunking 5 Myths About LED Lights

LED beacons have become a common fixture in police cruisers, replacing incandescent bulbs and strobe lights. With a long lifespan, efficient energy utilization and compact nature, these lights continue to be used extensively in emergency vehicles, with successive iterations becoming more and more effective. However, there are quite a few surprising myths about these lights that are still prevalent. Hence, it’s time to debunk 4 untruths about LED lighting. 


Myths surrounding LED lights.


LED Lights Last Forever

Compared to halogen lamps and other older variations of police lights, it is true that LED lights are vastly superior in terms of longevity. A quality LED light can last at least 10,000 hours. Some can even surpass 40,000 to 50,000 hours. However, there is always a limit to its lifespan. After continuous use for several years, LED lights will need to be replaced. Of course, its life can be optimized by sparse usage.


LED Lights Are Too Expensive

Upfront, LED lights do cost more than other types of illumination. However, they facilitate great savings in the long run that completely negate this initial investment. Be it little to no maintenance, long life, exceptional brightness or easy installation, LED lights are a guaranteed return on investment. Hence, it is actually beneficial for precincts to install LED beacons.


LED Lights Are Harmful

On the contrary, LED lights are the more sustainable option over CFL and fluorescent lights. The latter two contain mercury, a harmful chemical that can potentially pollute water sources. Furthermore, these light sources are not as energy efficient as LED, making them a less environment-friendly option.


LED Lights Are Too Bright

On paper, LED lights have a higher lumen rating than traditional lighting sources. Moreover, they seem to emit light from a point-like source, making them seem brighter. However, manufacturers can produce LED beacons of the correct brightness, making it an easily calibrated feature. Thus, it might be true in a few cases at best.


Hence, it is evident that LED beacons and lights are actually a great technological asset for the police force and other emergency services.


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