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A Truck Bed Slide Can Make Work Easier

April 18, 2018

Do you and your staff often need to open the door of your truck and get inside to retrieve an item you need from a chest or cabinet? If that is always the case, you can improve your team’s work efficiency when you load and unload with a truck bed slide.


A truck bed slide eliminates the inconvenience of limited storage space and difficult access to tools. It increases productivity and ease of access to all of your tools.


It functions like a drawer that slides out to bring the cargo to you, rather than of you stepping into your truck bed. Here are some of the most beneficial features of a truck bed slide, all available with D&R Truck-Stor:


  • Added storage - Modern concept and design in top tray setup with support frame. This elevated design can double your storage space options for further cargo.
  • Easy access - A truck bed slide with innovative all-access design, you can easily reach your cargo both in the front and back.
  • Secured cargo - To keep the tray from sliding when loading cargo, multiple lockouts are used while built-in tie-downs anchor them for added stability. Keep your gear and tools in optimal condition by preventing transportation damage


At D&R Truck-Stor, consulting with our team of professionals ensures you get the proper and necessary truck bed slide for your vehicle and application regardless of make and model. Our custom made solutions can offer professional features based on your specifications. We offer quality and dependable solutions to achieve durability and functionality, using materials like lightweight aluminum.


Our dual slide out cargo system, for example, is composed of bottom and top trays made with rubber line and a heavy duty truck bed slide that will allow your staff to handle all your cargo, equipment and materials securely and efficiently. 


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