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5 Advantages To Mini Light Bars

June 23, 2022

Ever since the advent of LED lights, police cruisers and other emergency vehicles have readily adopted this technology. As a result, LED bars or lights have become the staple for these emergency fleets. However, there is an even more optimal way to incorporate this technology, in the form of mini light bars. Since many of these emergency vehicles operate on rugged terrain or at high speeds, the need for these mini bars becomes even more prevalent. To further illustrate their utility, here are 5 major benefits of mini LED lights.


Merits of mini light bars


Powerful Illumination

Despite its diminutive size, mini lights bars are exceptionally powerful in terms of brightness. In fact, in terms of lumens, their capacity can match or even surpass full-sized LED bars. This serves as a major boon for emergency vehicles, where bright illumination is paramount.


Reduced Power Consumption

Compared to regular LED light bars, the miniature version consume less power and offer almost the same efficiency and brightness. Hence, they are invaluable additions to a vehicle during conditions where constant illumination is required.


Robust Design

The ergonomic and robust design of mini light bars make them very effective in harsh conditions such as inclement weather, bumps, scratches, dents and more. The high-impact housing is also designed to handle these tough situations, which police, EMT services, fire trucks and even utility trucks face from time to time.


Simple To Mount

The compactness of the mini light bars acts as a distinct advantage in this situation. Their diminutive size makes them easy to mount on different parts of the vehicle such as the grill, bumper, roof, or even the side. Moreover, it can be also be configured to be detachable with the use of magnets. Thus, this versatility and ease of mounting is a major plus.



LED light bars are already economical due to their exceptionally long lifespan. Mini light bars further boosts this cost-effectiveness with its size. Realistically, a mini light bar costs far less than a full-sized light bar. Hence, it is also a wise investment from an economic standpoint.


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