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08 of June, 2022
4 Major Benefits Of Using LED Lights on Emergency Vehicles
4 Major Benefits Of Using LED Lights on Emergency Vehicles

Lighting systems in emergency vehicles have seen constant evolution over the years. After incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps, most first responder vehicles such as police cruisers and ambulances currently use LED lights. This technology has remained stable over the years as these lights offer some exceptional benefits. 4 such major benefits of using LED lights in emergency vehicles will be discussed below.


Merits of LED lights.



Modern LED lights, especially those programmed and designed for first responders, are built for longevity. With a lifespan of over 1,00,000 plus hours, these lights guarantee limited maintenance as well as reduce the instances of an overhaul. Consequently, this reduced maintenance translates to lower operating costs.


Energy Efficient

Emergency services have to make the best use of their monetary resources. Therefore, any innovation that reduces their cost of operation is a major plus. LED lights facilitate this through their superior, energy-efficient design. Compared to incandescent and xenon flash bulbs, LEDs offer energy savings of about 75 percent and 60 percent respectively. Modern LED strobe lights are constructed for maximum efficiency, with the top end products being as efficient as 80 percent, releasing only 20 percent of the input as heat. 



LED light primarily uses semiconductors to turn input current into a strong, steady light beam. Unlike the conventional light sources where the filaments are enclosed in glass, these lights are more robust by design. Therefore, they are ideal for mounting on an emergency vehicle, as they are exposed to the elements, high speeds and unpredictable terrains.


Highly Customizable

Another added benefit of LED lights is their startup time, which is instantaneous, unlike xenon strobe lights which have a slight delay. Furthermore, LEDs can be easily customized to change their brightness settings, colors, flashing patterns and more.


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