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4 Efficiency-Improving Tips about LED Emergency Vehicle Lights

April 13, 2020

LED emergency vehicle lights signify the presence of a first-responder team, alerting road users to clear a path on the road for the emergency team to pass through safely. Without these lights, it will be much harder for the team to perform their life-saving responsibilities in a safe and timely manner. Regular maintenance and cleaning will benefit all your fleet equipment and accessories, but in addition to that, there are extra tips that can help you maximize the productivity and efficiency of your lights.


50,000 Operational Hours

All LED emergency vehicle lights -- including retail lights -- have about 50,000 operational hours on average. To be more precise, these hours refer to the time during which the lights will produce 60% of its nominal functioning power – though it should be noted that the LEDs made by D&R Electronics produce a minimum of 70% nominal functional power. While 50,000 hours is equivalent to 2,083 days, or over six years, that doesn’t necessarily mean your LEDs need to be replaced after six years as that implies your LEDs are working 24/7. A more reasonable time estimate is ten years, after which you should definitely have your LEDs looked at.


Moisture Exposure

LED emergency vehicle lights are often exposed to harsh environmental elements such as moisture. Specialist manufacturers of vehicle electronics and equipment such as us D&R Electronics design products with proper LED shielding and insulation for this reason.


The Effects of Heat

In addition to the risk of moisture, above average ambient heat and humidity play a huge role in shortening an LED bulb's lifespan. Most LEDs have a 25-degree Celsius nominal optimal operating temperature range. At D&R, our LED specification are -40C to +125C (extended temperature range­), giving them more durability and reliability. With that said, going beyond this value often will shorten its working lifespan and have immediate effects on its luminous output. By design, these lights can be quickly and easily replaced, especially if you work with professional fleet electronics manufacturers such as D&R Electronics.


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