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07 of July, 2022
4 Common Mounting Options For First Responder Vehicle Perimeter lights / Emergency Lighting
4 Common Mounting Options For First Responder Vehicle Perimeter lights / Emergency Lighting

Perimeter lighting, which includes light bars, LED beacons, indicators, Headlight inserts and more, are an integral part of all emergency vehicle. These powerful lights not only alert the bystanders and other motorists of their presence, but they also offer significant illumination of the scene. Although there are myriad ways to mount each perimeter light, in terms of lights, in particular, there are 4 common configurations in which they can be mounted. These 4 options will be addressed down below.


Mounting options for LED light bars.


Front Bumper

Perhaps the most commonly chosen spot in all vehicles, the push bumper is particularly suitable for mounting as it often has pre-drilled holes. Even if there aren’t any holes, they can be easily drilled here to install the light modules. Moreover, the spacious location allows the mounting of light modules of any size or configuration. The only drawback here is that since the bumper is rather low, the light modules are located close to each other as well as near the headlights and is a bit of a compromise in overall illumination.


Lower Windshield

Although limited in terms of space, mounting the light bar on the lower windshield will increase the coverage area of the light, offering better illumination. However, it might require special hardware, as it is a more challenging position to mount than the front bumper. given the difficulties of modern day air bag / vehicle safety systems.


Above The Windshield

For maximum illumination and unhindered space, mounting the lights above the windshield is the best choice. It offers the spatial freedom of the front bumper without compromising on illumination. However, this is the most difficult mounting position difficulties include Airbags safety systems, wiring, and reflection of light on windshield causing blind spots for the drive etc.


Multi-Mount Configuration

For the best lighting conditions, emergency vehicles go for a multi-mount configuration, where the emergency lights can be mounted on two or more locations. In this manner, the illumination is significantly amplified, making it easier for motorists and bystanders to notice the approaching vehicle. However, this configuration will require extensive electrical work, and might even necessitate an additional battery and a power distribution modules to handle the multiple LED light modules and lightbars,.As the amperage required to feed these lights could drain the standard car battery leaving the Vehicle disabled and unable to start for want of power.


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