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3 Ways to Know If Your LED Beacons Need Replacing

February 11, 2020

LED beacons play a large role in visual identification for both emergency workers and first-responder fleet vehicles. Complementing the loud sirens, beacons announce the arrival of an emergency vehicle fleet. While LED is a highly-durable lighting source, it can deteriorate in performance and capability over time. As emergency workers, it is crucial that all the accessories in your vehicle are working perfectly.


Here are three accurate indicators by and large of when LED beacons need to be replaced:


Fading or Dimming Lights

LED lights can experience dimming or fading especially after they have gone beyond three to five years of extensive use. Many LED lights have a 50,000-hour lifespan, and while technological developments continue to extend this lifespan, most lights are still vulnerable to the effects of outside elements such as temperature, overuse, and installation efficiency.


The Light Source Does Not Turn On

In the event your beacon does not even light up despite proper checks and troubleshooting, then it is definitely time to finally retire your old beacons and replace them with new and efficient ones. To find the best replacements, make sure you are working with dependable suppliers that can provide great value for money for your fleet vehicles.


Colour Shifting

A failing RGB LED light may gradually change colour.  The reason behind this is that the three colour LEDs that make up an RGB light - red, blue and green - could fail at different rates.  This causes an inaccurate mixing of the three colours and, therefore, the wrong colour will be shown by the light.  If you notice a colour shift in your LED beacons, it is likely that the unit has become defective and needs replacement.


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