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13 of September, 2022
3 Common Specs For A LED Light
3 Common Specs For A LED Light

LED lights have taken over lighting systems in automobiles as well as homes. Coming to automobiles, be it mini light bars, low-profile light bars, or full-size light bars, all LED lights are known for their long lifespan, brightness, and energy efficiency. However, the quality of the lights can differ from one company to the next. Hence, as a consumer, it is important to understand how a LED light is rated. Here are 3 ratings or specs that one can use to better assess the quality of a particular lightbar. 


3 specs to select a LED light.



The brightness of a LED light is decided by a unit known as lumens. The greater the lumen rating, the brighter the light. There are two types of lumens to consider, raw lumens and effective lumens. The former is a theoretical maximum brightness emitted by a LED light, whereas the latter is a more practical output. Therefore, it’s important to know if the lumen rating for a given light bulb is raw or effective.



Wattage can be defined as the amount of power used in operating a LED light. Hence, a light bar with high wattage might be effective, but it may use up the car batteries quickly. 


Ingress Protection

Ingress protection, abbreviated as IP rating, is a standard measure of how well a LED light can withstand the elements such as sun, snow, and rain. An IP rating of a LED light is written as IP followed by two numbers. Both these numbers are rated on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 offering little to no protection and 10 offering maximum protection.


Hence, with a basic knowledge of these 3 ratings, one can select the optimal LED light for their vehicle.


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