/ Sirens / Thunder
  • D&R Thunder is an add-on to any 100/200 watt siren amplifier to boost vehicle sound to the emergency vehicle primary siren
  • Compatible with all vehicles primary siren tones
  • Low frequency siren amplifier and speaker included
  • Uses the primary siren speaker output wires and divides the frequency bands via selectable dip 
  • External cancel controls through 12 Volt or ground deactivation


Thunder-1 kit includes:

  • 1 x TH-LFA: Thunder Low Frequency Amplifier Siren Box
  • 1 x 189-0200: Thunder Speaker
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
    Note: Optional Vehicle Specific Mounting Brackets available (specify Vehicle year,  make and model)

    For Product Info Page and Installation Manuals go to Literature/Download Tab