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The Protec Falcon PFIQ is a programmable handheld siren and light controller, ideally suited for undercover and police management vehicles.  The hand held controller can quickly be concealed if the situation requires it.  The system is available in 12 and 24 volts and is easily installed by a trained technician.

The Falcon is easily programed via a computer.  The program can be downloaded to a thumb drive then installed on multiple units.

General specifications:

The Falcon PFIQ meets or exceeds applicable SAE requirements and is manufactured by D&R Electronics, an ISO 9001-2015 registered company.  When configured with an applicable lighting package and D&R speakers it will meet NFPA requirements.

For product Spec Sheet and Installation Manuals go to Literature/Download Tab.


Model Numbers:

  • PFIQ-24: 24VDC Input voltage: 22 to 28 VDC

    Operating Temperature Range:

  • -40 degrees Celsius to +65 degrees Celsius.


  • Output Power: 100 Watts

  • Horn ring transfer option

  • Siren tones: Wail, Yelp, Stinger, Air Horn.Tones are cycled through via horn ring transfer or control pad button.

  • Park kill.Siren is shut down when in park.

  • Adjustable microphone volume.

    Siren Control Box Dimensions.

  • Height-1.96in/Width-6.14in/Length-8.46in

  • Weight 4.7 lb. / 2.15kg.

  • Meets or exceeds SAE requirements.

    Additional Features:

  • System shutdown timer is programmable, allowing the unit to stay active for a pre-programed period, after the ignition is turned off. There is a zero current draw after system shutdown.

  • Continuous battery voltage monitoring is presented on the touchpad display.

  • Microphone switch is located on the side of the touchpad.

  • Microphone volume can be adjusted through the IQ-Control box.

  • Shotgun Timed Relay can be activated through touchpad.

  • Anti-theft relay can be activated through touch pad.

  • Arrow Direction is available through touch pad (if vehicle is so equipped). 


  • 1, 20AMP, 3, 10AMP, 8, 3AMP outputs. 

    Note, eleven of the outputs are assembled on one convenient connector.


  • Expansion kits are available for additional outputs.  Up to two expansion kits can be added.  Each kit contains an additional 10 outputs.  Kits sold separately.