/ Power Management Systems / Power Distribution Units
  • Organizes vehicle wiring runs
  • All power conncections at one central location
  • Provides direct power, ignition power and timed power
  • Easy installation, easy connection of accessory equipment
  • Visual condition of circuits
  • Make a safer electrical connection to vehicles
  • Built-in Watchdog (battery discharge protector)
  • Fast and reliable vehicle installations
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  • Power Input:
                 1-6 AWG +12V @ 60A max input current
                 1-6 AWG Ground
                 1-18 AWG Ignition Control Input
  • Power Output (High Current Connection)
                 1-8 AWG @ 30A Max +12V (fused at 50A)
                 1-8 AWG Ground
  • Terminal Block Power Outputs
                 6 Ignition Controlled Power 70A relay (the total current not to exceed 40A max.)
                 6 Continuous Power (the total current not to exceed 60A)
                 5 Ground return path for the Output terminal blocks (the total return current not exceed 60A)