• Safe and secure power management
  • Peace of mind

  • Easy Installation

  • Our PDU-16SS single point power distribution and voltage monitoring system allows you to streamline your wiring while protecting your vehicle battery.

  • The PDU-16SS is a single point power distribution system

  • In addition to monitoring the incoming battery voltage via an LED display, the system monitors the voltage level of the connected accessories (up to 15). 

  • The PDU-16SS divides the accessories in to three groups, battery, group 1 and group 2.
    Group 1 and two are monitored individually and can be programed separately with different minimum voltages that will trigger a low voltage group shut down.

  • If group one shuts down, group two will continue to function and be monitored.  If group two goes below its programed threshold, group two will then shut down.  The system will save enough battery energy so the vehicle can be restarted.

  • Any faulty fuse or connection will be visible on the LED display.

  • The PDU-16SS is all metal solid state construction.  It comes with a Plexiglas cover to reduce dust and dirt

  • Dimensions:  L-10.55" X W-4.26" X H-1.1"

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Technical specifications

Vehicle battery voltage monitoring
Programmable low battery voltage shutdown
Programmable timed shutdown
Standby mode /timed shutdown mode
Zero voltage consumption in shut down mode
Test mode (20 seconds)
Reset mode

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