/ Arrowboards / Odyssey Arrowboards
  • The Odyssey LED sign is a compact arrowboard/lightbar combination
  • The retractable motorized arroboard/ traffic director provides superior visibility in a low profile configuration
  • This patent design gives you the full advantage of a 360-degree lightbar when in lower position

    We have three different setup options for the Board:
    1. ODM2-1A         Board with One Arrow (12 LED modules in Board)
    2. ODM2-2A         Board with Two Arrows (16 LED modules in Board)
    3. ODM2-1ARA    Board with One Arrow and Road Alert (12 LED modules in Board)
  • GEN III LED technology
  • Low-profile (just 3" high) and 'Easy Swap' plug and play modules
  • Motorized for easy deployment
  • Compatible with our light & siren controller or AS5500
  • Mounting kit included