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  • Traffic directing device
  • A series of lights that direct traffic away from a particular scene of eighter an accident or construction work
  • Mounting on varius locations including the back of a light bar or the rear panel of a truck
  • Large number of light emitting diodes used make the LED Traffic Director easily visible from a very long distance
  • Traffic Director Kit includes an AS5500 controller (Built-in or External) and standard 20ft cable
  • Optional cable lengths - 30ft, 40ft and 50ft
  • Traffic Directors are also available with optional Photo Dimmer Sensor
    For Installation Manuals go to Literature/Download Tab
  • Left, Right, Center Out and Flash warning patterns
  • Light Intensity Dimmer
  • Available colours: Amber, Clear
  • Dimensions:
            Width - 48.0"
            Height - 2.0"
            Depth - 2.2"