/ LED Lights / LED Beacons
  • D&R Electronics LED Beacons feature built-in flasher with selectable flash pattern
  • Polycarbonate base and lens
  • Dimmer Function through wire conection
  • 18 Flash Patterns (including 2 patterns as simulated rotator)
  • SAE J845 CLASS 1 Certified in Amber
  • Available Models:
    BCN24-X (X-Amber,Clear)
                      with the same Color Lens
  • BCN24-XC (X-Amber, Clear)
                         with Clear Lens

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  • Amperage draw: Average - 1.8 Amp, Peak - 3.6 Amp
  • Operating Voltage: 9.35V - 16V
  • Standard 12V and optional 24V
  • Mounting Options: magnet, mirror mount, truck rack, pipe mount, suction cup mount
  • For Magnet mount order magnet mounting kit#: 499-0003
  • Weight is less then 3lbs